Thursday, August 5, 2010

6-Pack Alley Cat Recap

So, we had 26 riders show up for the 1st ever alley cat last Saturday.  We had one flat and a couple riders that got the wrong answers at their checkpoint (have to pay attention).  But everyone regrouped at Laughing Dog Brewing and was smiling from ear to ear.  Everyone was talking about how much fun they had and wondering when we could do another.  I was surprised at how fast some of the riders completed the ride.  Maybe I'll have to make it a little harder next time.  Things happened so fast, we didn't get many pics during the event but here's a few from Laughing Dog.

Jay, 1st place in the road bike division and overall
Mashed alley cat for one of our DFLs
Birthday girl Karen helped draw numbers

1st Jay Zmuda
2nd Rebekah Davis
DFL Cathy Treble

1st Jeff Perry
2nd Mike Horn
DFL Connie Reed

1st Ed Vanvooren
2nd Tess Howell & Aleya Murray (tandem)
DFL Niel Jacobson

Thanks again to all that participated and to our sponsors: Laughing Dog Brewing, Sandpoint Sports, Maps & More, Joel's, Starbuck's and Stadium Sports 

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