Wednesday, August 18, 2010

RTL notes/tee design

Hot off the press, here is the design for this year's tee.  It's grey and only comes in unisex cut.  Remember, if you'd like one of these, email me at with you size by this Friday, August 20.  It will cost you $10 extra on Saturday for a total of $25.  If you don't want a tee, simply do nothing but show up ride day with $15 and a good attitude!

I went and rode a section of the RTL route last weekend.  The Woodrat Trail is a wreck!  4 Wheelers have taken over the area and there are trails diverging in all directions with no clear trail markers.  Finding your way through the maze is a challenge to say the least.  There are too many options.  Unless I can find some time to sort this trail system out and get it flagged, this section of the ride may be omitted.  It would just mean more road riding to bypass it.  Bummer.

On a more positive note, the Lakeview trail area is awesome.  Trail is in great shape.  Some good little climbs that are going to test your legs at the end of the RTL route.  It will make the beer at the end taste that much better.

Animal sightings: First, saw a cougar on the Lakeview Trail!  He was walking up the trail, saw us and turned around and headed back down.  It only lasted a few seconds, but it got the heart rate up even more than it was.  I guess I'll go the rest of my life now without seeing another.  Second sighting, after we finished riding those 2 trails, we headed to the Nordman store/bar for a couple beers.  There I saw possible the biggest, strangest dog ever.  "Frank" is a cross between a Lab and a Great Dane.  Termed the "official greeter" of the store, Frank made my dog, Shadow look like a puppy when they stood next to each other.

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