Tuesday, September 14, 2010

24 Hours for Hank Recap

92 riders and 2 runners participated in this year's 24 Hours for Hank bike race.  Jacob Styler put the smack down with 19 laps!!!  If my math is right, that is 361 total miles.  All the riders did an awesome job.   I snuck away from my bike stand for a few laps and everyone was in good spirits on the course.  This is such a great cycling event for the community, I felt a real positive energy.  Not to mention all the money raised for cystinosis and Hank in the process.  If you couldn't make it this year, mark your calendar cause it's well worth it.

From my perspective next to the bike stand, it was a fairly uneventful 24 hours...that's actually a good thing.  Except for a flat, some minor adjustments and lots of computer issues we only had to put 1 bike down.  It was on life support as we frantically tried to get the old and much neglected road bike back out on the track.  But in the end, it's injuries included a broken chain and 2 failing shifters, and those were just too critical.  Luckily for the rider, someone had an extra bike to loan them for the rest of the race (thanks Sharon).

Big shout out to Kirk Johnson for his help wrenching.  We worked in tandem to keep the 2 four-person RAAM teams up and running, all while tending to the other riders at the event.  Yes, I was double booked, but it all worked out great.  I had a blast!  I love this event.  Here are some pics...
getting ready for the start with my one of many cups o'coffee
mass start...yes, that is a runner and not someone looking for their bike
new this year, kid category...Max Meredith did 21 laps!!
couple shots of RAAM members coming around

here I am working...just in case you thought it was all relaxing
my buddies Dave and Heather Lein took top 2-person, good job!
 If you'd like more info on the race, go to www.24hoursforhank.org/events.html      

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