Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fall Rails to Resort Hill Climb

This will be a somber post.  The Fall Rails to Resort Hill Climb was scheduled for today.  We started our normal routine with setting up road sign at 8:30.  As happens half the time for the Fall climb, weather was iffy.  This morning was no different as he weather radar showed a big bank of moisture headed our way.  No sooner did we get to the top of the mountain and it was raining.  Registration started at 9:30 and guess what?  Yes, it was pouring by then.  We stood under the tent and waited for riders to brave the downpour.  At 10:15, no one had showed and we figured no one was going to, so I headed back up the hill to pick up the road signs.  It was pouring all the way up the mountain. 

While 4 brave souls did show up 10:30, half hour before the 11 o'clock start, they were none too bummed to learn the event was cancelled.  It just wasn't meant to be today.

Adding to the darkness surrounding today, we were also informed earlier in the week that organized events are not allowed on the Basin Trail.  The City called and advised that the Basin Trail is in the same basin as the City of Sandpoint's water drainage/plant and we could not have our dirt portion of the Hill Climb on it.  I of course told them we would respect their wishes.  While the City seems willing to turn a blind eye to people riding on the Basin Trail (as of today), they will not tolerate organized/publicized events any longer.  Had I know that last Fall, I would have made our last Hill Climb more memorable.  We could have went out with a bang!

As I collected the signs in the rain, I recalled all the times I've raced up the trail.  It wasn't always fun...actually it was never very fun until I was sitting in Pucci's with a cold one.  But the race up the trail was definitely a test of your resolve and allowed you to gage your skills among your peers.  It has been a long standing community event organized by many different individuals through the years. 

Although we may be able to still ride the Basin Trail today, racing up it looks like it is done for good.  Thanks to all those that have participated in the past.  

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