Thursday, October 21, 2010

Deschutes River/Sunriver/Blackrock Trails (Bend, OR)

A blog about biking in and around Sandpoint, Idaho you say? That’s the cue that I will be posting about biking somewhere outside my normal area. I’ve moved South from Hood River to Bend, Oregon, and today’s ride was primarily the Deschutes River Trail with a couple smaller additions (Sunriver Trail and Blackrock Trail). 22.5 Miles in all and I’m sure I’m not gonna surprise anyone here by saying this was an awesome ride!! Anyone that follows mountain biking has either done this ride or has read about it. You may be thinking…all the posts have said the “the ride was awesome.” True statement, all the rides of late have been really, really good.

However, I have been in Oregon for 5 days now and when I come to Oregon to ride it seems like heaven to me. Life just doesn’t seem to get any better. Let me describe a typical day here. I wake up and go scout out a new coffee place. There are lots of choices and many good ones. Then it’s off to some riding and Oregon has ALL kinds of good riding. Whether it be road, urban or single-track, Oregon seems to have it all. After spinning, it’s off to sample one of the many micro brews. There are breweries everywhere! Beer seems to flow like water around here. This is all good news for me because without coffee and beer, my personality would hardly be discernable. But I digress.

Back to the topic at hand. The Deschutes River Trail was a great ride. I’ve been sitting here trying to think of how to put the experience to words, but I don’t think words can do it justice. Pictures might get us closer, but as I review my shots they even seem to come up short. Although Deschutes River wouldn’t be considered a destination ride, it is a can’t miss if you are in Bend. This ride had it all minus big climbs and screaming descents. It’s not very technical or aerobically challenging, but it is just 12 miles of plain fun. Don't get me wrong, it's not a trail to bring your grandma on as there are a few surprises.  Do you like variety in your rides?
amazing views and endless photo ops? check

little rock and roots? and check

singletrack that weaves through canopies of oldgrowth? and check
trail that meanders through boulders and rock cut-outs? and check

little exposure to keep the hear rate up? and check

falls and rapids? i could go on
The Sunriver Trail and the Blackrock Trail were nice additions to the day. The Sunriver Trail takes off were the Deschutes Trail ends and goes another 3 miles to the town of…you guessed it, Sunriver. It is a flat, windy, fast, and slightly technical out and back. Once back to the trailhead, I choose to ride out the Blackrock Trail, another 4.5 miles, to the Lava Land Visitor’s Center. It was more of the same to end the trail trifecta. Buff singletrack with the addition of some lava rock to make this trail a little different and interesting.
interesting trail feature on the Blackrock Trail

sign refers to rapids not trail

It was a good day of riding. Not an epic ride, but one that will stick in my mind for a long time. Time to gear up for the big dogs now…

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