Sunday, October 31, 2010

Where's Brian

For those of you wondering, "where in the world is Brian now?"  I just finished another stint at the United Bicycle Institute in Ashland, Oregon.  UBI is the only nationally accredited bike mechanics school in the U.S.  I have 2 other certifications from UBI.  During this trip, I completed the Advanced Bike Mechanics Course.  Now I can add a DT Swiss Master Wheel Builder and a Suspension Technician certification to the wall.

Classes are kept small with lots of hands on and instructor/student interaction.  There is a lot of information and it can be stressful and rigorous at times.  But don't let me mislead you one bit.  I loved every minute!

Here are a couple pics of the world I've been living in.
instructor bench and my view from the "classroom"

my workbench
  The wheels on the side of the bench were from my test, built to within 1/10 millimeter of variance.  That's not much more than a hair.  On to more riding...

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