Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Veteran's Day ride

Veteran's Day is this Thursday.  The purpose of Veteran's Day is pretty clear; however, it doesn't often get the general public attention that some of the Hallmark holidays receive.  Most of you know I served in the Marine Corps.  While I did serve during a time of war, I never got orders to the front lines.  My unit was packed and waiting a couple times, but it never happened.  At the time, I was bummed I never saw any "action" but looking back I am lucky to still be alive.

So, I thought why not get together on Veteran's Day and ride.  I often do a lot of thinking when I ride, so I know what will be on my mind.  If you want to think about your Betty back at home waiting for you, fine.  Or if you want to think about the $1 beers waiting, that's fine too.  But seriously, this post will be the extent of the soap box, Thursday will be just be a ride and some fun. 

Let's meet at the Pend Oreille Winery parking lot at 6pm and we'll cruise the bike path out to Sagle and back.  Yes, we'll be back just in time for $1 beers at Eicks.  Of course, bring your headlight and a taillight.  Weather looks good.  Hope to see you there!  


Anonymous said...

Can we ride a bike with road tires? I know there is dirt/gravel through the construction zone. Sounds fun, thanks.

Brian's Bike Buzz said...

Absolutely, I just rode out there today with road tires. Although the construction zone is gravel it is packed down. Not saying there isn't a chance of getting a flat, but that could happen any time. So, no worries!