Monday, January 24, 2011

Team Laughing Dog fundraiser at Vertical Earth

Saturday night was the Team Laughing Dog fundraiser at Vertical Earth in CDA.  With the RAAM race only 5 months away, the team is continuing to work at chipping away at the 40K needed for us all to participate.  We raised close to 7K and the event was a great success!

The experience of working with all the member of this team has truly been inspirational.  Lofty goals were set and we have a core set of guys…and girls…committed to helping achieve them.  Everyone on the team worked really hard organizing, gather items for the auctions, securing drinks and food, supplies, an auctioneer, a location and of course people to come down and bid and donate to the team.  But the team has done all this before, so all these efforts weren’t really the surprising part to me, it was the individuals and business that gave so generously to make this event happen.

If my numbers are right, we had over 30 silent auction items and 8 live auction items.  We also had live music and beer and wine on tap.  Some auction items came from individuals while others came from local businesses.  

Many thanks to the following for their help: Laughing Dog Brewery, Pend d'Oreille Winery, Vertical Earth, Finan McDonald (Life is Good gift pack), Drew Meridith Photography, Marty Taylor (for some awesome photos), Chris Bier (Grateful Dead tees and a sweet wind chime), Al Lemire Photography, Schweitzer Mountain Resort, Justin Landis and his band, Mike Murray (woodworker extraordinaire) and Evan’s Brothers Coffee.  I’m sure am missing some, but as you can see participation was huge.  It is because of individuals and businesses such as these that make this such a great place to live.  If you see them, say thanks and support the businesses when it comes time to spend your dough.

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