Sunday, January 2, 2011

Winter riding on the river

So, with the current cold spell the ice on the lake was looking good for a ride.  Jim S sent out the word and we assembled at Memorial Field Sunday for a little spin on the ice.
I was a little tentative at first, but once we got going I started feeling pretty confident.  My studs gripped the ice and things felt really steady as long as I took it easy on the brakes and didn't make any quick turns.

Weather was nice and the lake was full of people out enjoying it.  Ice hockey, fishing, skating, xc skiing and walking were a few of the activities I noted.
Chatting with and ice fisherman about ice thickness
Stopped and watched the 2 hockey games off 3rd Street pier...
While Jim and I opted for pre-fabed studded tires, Sandy got creative and made his own.  I few screws from Merwins and some Duck tape and he was set.  Things seemed to work well for him until he got a flat...might need a little more protection between the screws and tube.

All in all, it was great day of riding and being out on the lake.

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melvin said...

Great pics! Looks like a good time.