Monday, March 28, 2011

Rider Goes Down

I was out with Team Laughing Dog yesterday for a training ride in preparation for the RAAM race this June.  We practiced some exchanges and everything went really well, until we called it quits and started heading back to one of the rider's house to debrief.  Crossing the railroad track on Great Northern, Mel's front wheel slipped into the crack between the road and the track and he went down hard.  A trip to the ER and a few hours waiting came the news that he probably is not going to be able to compete in RAAM this year.

This isn't a post intended to make you go "ahh" and get all sad.  If anyone can bounce back from this, it's Mel.  He has been a driving for Team Laughing Dog's efforts to do RAAM this year.  And he has spearheaded the teams' efforts to raise money and awareness for autism.  All this and he still finds time to promote cycling within our community also.

So, while you are out riding keep Mel in your thoughts and prayers.

Oh, and what kind of race mechanic would I be if I didn't report on the condition of his bike.  Amazingly, Mel took the worst of it in this accident.  I ran through it and the bike is fine and I'm sure he'll be on it soon again.
Please remember to try and take railroad tracks straight on/perpendicular as much as possible.  Go slow and realize that a little moisture can make those steel rails like ice.  This accident could have happened to anyone.  So be safe!
big gap!

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Anonymous said...

Those tracks are brutal! I ride across them alot, and I never like it!!