Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thanks to my peeps

So, as I came to the the shop this morning to get ready for the grand opening festivities, I thought I should give some shouts outs.  There have been so many people that have given of their time and/or materials to make the new bike shop happen.  I'm sure none of the following did it for public acknowledgement, but hey I'm gonna do it anyway...

First thing you'll see when you walk in is the impressive oak bar with old pumps, thanks to Mike Murray for all his woodworking.
Then there is the store logo and bike artwork on the walls, Al Lemire let his creative juices flow. 
A friend, that wishes to remain anonymous, spend several weekends helping make the 2 work benches in the repair area.  Glued, screwed and clamped they will be around for a very long time.

Signs, stickers, business cards and the banner were all designed and done by Carl at Kodiak Advertising.  He did an amazing job of bringing my concepts to life.
Jane, the best GF ever, spent a week straight painting and finishing the inside before we started setting up.  Store colors of black and orange continue on the inside.

Jim Marley steeped up big and donated a bike rack for outside and also build a desk to hold all my paperwork.

Lastly, Jake Ostman did a sweet job of setting up our website 

In the end, I feel blessed to have so many people willing to con tribute to this bike shop.  I'm sure I have missed some people, but thanks to all!!  OK, enough mussy, mussy...let's get to working on bikes!

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alan said...

Dude, we are all just happy to be part of something that Sandpoint has needed. Best of luck!!!