Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Asotin Creek Trail

I know there hasn't been much activity on the Bike Buzz...noteworthy riding has been a little slow given the weather.  For Memorial Day weekend though, we decided to head to warmer temps down South.  We camped at Hells Gate in Lewiston as our jumping off point.

First on the list of rides was the Asotin Creek Trail.  This trail is easy to find as you turn on Asotin Creek Road, right before you enter the town of Asotin, just South of Clarkston.  For the geographically impared, that is across the Snake from Lewsiton and Hell's Gate.  This is a dandy of a trail, with some amazing views of open meadows and rock formations.  In addition, the trail follows Asotin Creek (are getting the parallels yet?).
You start with a creek crossing which I choose to wade across.  It was cool, but refreshing.  Once you're in the saddle, it is a steady climb along the creek.  The trail is not very technical or punishing.  All good for me as early season condition has been, well...too much beer and not enough riding.
After the seven miles of main trail, there are several jump off points to other trails.  I continued up the main creek trail for another couple miles and then turned around for a screaming downhill!

This was a good ride.  Most note worthy were the tan bear I ran into on the way down.  I almost went over the bars trying to stop.  He was even more scared of me, so the encounter was very brief.  I also saw some wild turkeys, a mountain goat and a massive hawk...none of which I got a pic of.  It was a good day!
If you are in the area, this is a good trail to add to your list.  I wouldn't say it is a destination trail however....maybe if you added some of the other trails in the region.

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