Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brush Lake Trail

As you may know, the Pend Oreille Pedalers and the Bonners Ferry Forest Service have been working in conjunction to construct a new mountain bike trail around Brush Lake.  As President of the Pend Oreille Pedalers I am absolutely thrilled with the efforts of the BFFS and outcome thus far on the trail.  Brush Lake is about 20 minutes North of Bonners Ferry and is just a short little jump from the highway.  The lake has docks for fishing, boat launch, camping area and now a cool trail!

With the loop finished, I went up with Larry to give it a ride.  We rode the trail both directions for a total of 13 miles.  What is cool about this trail is the options!  It rides very different depending on what direction you choose.  The terrain is very varied as you wind your way around the lake.  But most interesting is all the stunts, features and short side trails along the way that tug at your sense of adventure.

Now if you are of the downhill, freeride mind then this trail will seem rather tame.  If you head down South or over to the coast there is tons of stuff like this on a much, much grander scale.  Noted.  We are not Whistler or the Northshore.  BUT, for North Idaho where we don't have a lot of trails with features like this, it is a great asset to our list of rides.
several skinnies
rock drops
tight, technical rocks
it's like a playground!
A big thank you to the Bonners Ferry Forest Service and their ability to think outside the box and step outside their comfort zone.  I could not be happier with our collaboration on this trail effort.  The BFFS was a pleasure to work with -- look forward to more trails to come from this relationship.
oh, and a cool creek crossing



Tracy Fox said...

Directions to trailhead?

Brian's Bike Buzz said...

Directions to trailhead:

Take Hwy 95 North through Bonners Ferry toward Eastport. About 1 1/2 passed Hwy 95/1 fork, turn right on FS Rd #1004. Follow signs toward Brush Lake, about 2 miles from highway. As you approach the lake there is a fork in the road. Since the trail circles the lake you can go either way and hit a trailhead. Trail is well marked, ride it both ways as it is all good!