Saturday, October 22, 2011

Mystery Trail

So, I went out for a little spin on a local trail and rode it uphill...not normally the way most people go.  Great work out!  If you've ridden this trail, you will recognize this section of large roots (or maybe not as my camera sucks and this pic does not do it much justice).
4 of the 5 root steps pictured
There are 5 roots that act as steps going up a rather steep section of trail.  Today, as I started my ride, all I could think of was finally clearing all 5 of these roots.  As a approached the steps I felt almost sick as tried to put myself in the best position possible to tackle them (speed, route, cadence, etc.).  The first 2 were no problem, but then again I always make them.  Over the third much to my surprise and then the forth one....we let's just say the big rock that takes up a portion of the trail at the 4th root is a bitch!

Looks like the challenge will be there next time.

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