Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pack River Winter Ride

I'm finding that snowmobile trails make for great Pugs rides.  The snow gets a nice pack and even with some fresh snow on it, you can still motor on.  

I went up Pack River and parked at the snowmobile trailhead...there was not another soul up there.  I started up the trail which has obviously had a good amount of use over the winter.  Buton this day there was 3-4" of fresh snow sitting on top of the trail. 

Going up the drainage is a steady climb with a couple heart rate spikes thrown in.  It was an awesome ride, quiet and peaceful.  However, the 3-4" of freshies turned into 4-5" the further up the road I got.  Still doable but there was some leg burn.

I rode up to where the road crosses over the river and heads up the other side of the drainage,  Good place for some pics, a snack and to turn around and bomb all the elevation back to the truck!!

Going back I tried to ride my uphill track, less friction but takes some serious finesse.

thought I was riding a much straighter line

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