Saturday, March 31, 2012

Farragut is ready

The last two weekends the weather has cooperated and I've gone down to ride at Farragut...and it has been amazing!  After riding the Pug all winter and always being bundled up and wearing several layers, it felt great to go ride with some "normal" biking wear.  In addition, it was awesome to be on the mountain bike again and a rig that is a little lighter.

Driving into the park there was lots of snow still in the trees.  I headed down to the Shoreline Trail both times and it was in premo condition from the Scout Trail all the way to the boat launch.  This is such a great trail containing a little technical challenge, some nice views and a couple small climbs to get the heart going.

Both time I connected with the "Enchanted Forest" Trail to make the total ride around 12 miles both ways.  Now, I have never seen anything in print referring to this trail as the Enchanted Forest, but I know many people who refer to it by this name.  If you've ever ridden it, especially in the Spring, you would agree.  It follows the ridge out around the peninsula and back toward the bay and eventually the highway.  The green, thick mats of moss right now are amazing.  It has created a carpet blanket over the forest floor and grows up the trees and over down logs and stumps.

Any trails leading into the heart of the park still had a good amount of either snow or ice, wait or proceed with caution.

What a day to forget the camera, luckily I had a pro snapper along this last time.

As always, I recommend grabbing a map at the visitor center before riding Farragut.  Not that it will help you a lot as the trail numbering system makes no sense, but it will help to give you some sense of direction.  Also, I friendly reminder that they will ticket you if you don't have a current Park Pass...yes, I am speaking from experience.

Mountain biking season is again here!  Mineral Point is next...

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