Monday, May 21, 2012

2012 Ride of Silence

So, I've laminated the fact that I really like participating in the Ride of Silence.  Jim does a great job of organizing this event.  I was in a rush heading to the City Beach and forgot my camera.  Did get one shitty pic with my camera phone, but not even worth posting.

No worries, as I counted 50 people assembled for the ride.  Jim gave his speech and the ladies Team Laughing Dog racers lead us out on our route.  I noticed a lot more red arm bands (meaning rider was hit by a car at some point in their life) than previous years.  I was happy to be sporting my black arm band (never been hit).  The group looked awesome rolling through town.

However, town is about as far as I got as my %#$@ tire blew.  I rolled back on my flat from the golf course to The Loading Dock to hang with Doug and Jeff.

Everyone reported a great ride with no it should be.

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