Monday, May 7, 2012

Brush Lake Trail #377 is Open

Rode Brush Lake Trail #377 and it is all good (see earlier post for full review of trail).  Someone recently went though and cut out some down trees.  There are a couple muddy sections and one spot by the road that is flooded, but for the most part the trail is in great condition.

If you start at the campground, you will notice the creek is a little high for crossing.  It can be done, but prepare for a wet foot. 

Shadow didn't mind the creek level

campground trailhead with creek below

I like to ride this trail in both direction when I go.  It feels so different depending on the direction.  Going both ways will give you a total of 12.5 miles for the day.
little flooding but easy to get around

Be sure and hit some of the challenges and stunts along the edge of the trail.  In combination with the massive rocks and small rock gardens, this trail can be a little more challenging than you might expect.

When you finish you can have lunch at the creek or down by the lake.

Because of Brush Lake's lower elevation, it make for a great early season ride.

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