Monday, July 16, 2012

Gold Hill Got Me

remember, no motorcycles on Trail #3
If you live in Sandpoint, no doubt you ride the hell out of Gold Hill and the Gravel Pit.  However, I know some people ride those trails with blinders on.  Maybe it's the climb and their anaerobic state.  If you turn your head every once and a while, you'll notice some less traveled trails here and there.  Most all these "other" trails were put in by motorcycle and hence, some are good and some just darn right suck.

Personally, I love to explore so I'm always looking in the gutters for small paths.  If I see something that looks bikeable, I don't hesitate to make a run of it.  Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn't.  But in the end, I always gain some knowledge and when I get to add a new trail to my list it is always a good thing.

weird angle, but note the cycle damage
In addition, sometimes there is a price to pay for "exploring" a new trail.  Like yesterday when I sucked up a stick and wound up my rear derailleur.  Yes, because these trails are less traveled, they often contain more obstacles and challenges.
another X0 in the trash
I rigged up a single speed and limped out.  I hear people always say, "No big deal, if I break my rear D, I'll just make it a single speed and keep riding."  It's never quite that simple and never really works that great for riding.  Remember a few things, you still need your hanger (it's a hub spacing issue) my case I had to find 2 rocks and hammer it straight again to continue using it.  Quick links are a must, carry some.  With no rear D, you have no chain tensioner, and hence getting a tight chain can be a challenge.

one of many attempts to get the right combo and tight chain
In the end, it was an expensive day of riding but sometimes that's the price you pay.

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