Sunday, July 1, 2012

Moab Recap 2

This is the second and final entry on my Moab trip.  The second half of the trip featured some blazing temps, breaking into the 100s a couple days.  Nonetheless, we rode and made the best of our time.  However, I must say I don't exactly get along with heat well, especially coming from the 40s back home.

First up, Porcupine Rim trail.  This is probably the 2nd most famous trail in Moab and covers 15 some miles of rocky, technical "downhill."  Don't let the "downhill" part fool ya though, your body will get worked and for some reason you will feel tired.  2,800 feet of descent will be covered.  We took a shuttle, but because of some remaining snow in the road couldn't get all the way to the actual top of the trail.  Half our crew decided to ride up from our shuttle drop-off spot for some additional mileage and it was well worth it.

Riding in Moab can offer some amazing views with endless picture ops.  One could also view these as "exposed" areas, but after riding there a few days you become numb to the threats.

Hot was the word, any opportunity to sit in the shade, no matter how small, was a treat.  Snuggle in friends...

Colorado River 
Pictures don't capture the true rock nature of this trail.  But you will ride over every type of rock formation you can image and them more.  2-4" drops turn into 2-4' drops, but remember it's Moab so close your eyes, lean back and let her roll!  Even with 5" of plush travel, my bike got worked!

The next day, some decided to take a day off from riding and do something else.  Me and Jacob tackled the Sovereign Trail System.  This network of trails can be a little hard to find and navigation as we found out can also be challenging.  This was probably the hottest day of the trip, featured the least amount of shade options and I was definitely feeling it.  It was a fun day of riding with more rock, more sand, more drops and more desert riding.

My shitty camera died for the last day and a half of the trip and so some pics I wanted are missing.  Without a pic I feel it is not even worth mentioning.  All I'll say is the last day we rode MAG-7.  Some day I will dump that thing and get an appropriate recording device for my writings, but then again maybe not, as what then would I complain about?
Balancing Rock

Some people ask what my favorite trail of the trip was and my answer is always the same.  None.  I loved them all for different reasons.  I love to travel and ride my bike in different areas.  Once I've ridden somewhere, I normally feel comfortable checking that place of my bucket list and moving on to something else.  However, even on the drive back from Moab, I was think of what I would ride again and what trails never even got hit.  Moab...I will be back.

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