Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Custom Laughing Dog Brewing Bike

So, with the 7 year anniversary of Laughing Dog Brewing approaching, a group of guys approached me about doing a little something special to thank Fred and Michelle for all their support of community events and in particular biking related events.  A custom beer delivery bike quickly became the go-to idea.  I was honored and thrilled to be asked.  This project took a lot of work, a bit of coordination and good deal of collaboration with those that do non-bike related things much better than I could. 

Some Laughing Dog brews was consumed and a final plan for the bike was hatched.  I contributed an early 60s Hercules lightweight cruiser to be used as the basis for the project.  Below are some of the highlights of the custom bike:

Custom headtube badge done by Matt.  Notice how the frame lugs hug the headtube badge, very nice detail on this bike.

Of course Mike got involved by building the 12-pack beer crate to hold our 22 ouncers.  Made from redwood, it slide perfectly into the industrial rear rack.  All very cool and functional.
Many people have asked about the paint scheme.  It is actually powder coated by Spectrum.  They once again did an amazing job on this frame and fenders.  Color wise we were shooting for the Laughing Dog Creme Ale color for the frame and the CSB brown for the fenders.  Pretty damn close I must say.

The custom wheels are hard to miss.  Thanks to Fast Eddie for this special 4 cross with a twist build.  We used the original rims and hub with new spokes.  These look cool and are pretty bomber!
Matching leather Brooks saddle and grips.
Wondering how all these original parts got so shiny?  Thanks to DJ and Jane for all their time and elbow greasy as they cleaned, polished and buffed every piece out.

Fred's smile on the test ride made it worth every bit.  Thanks to everyone that helped with this project.  It was a blast and something we can always remember as we kick back cold ones at Laughing Dog.

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