Monday, August 27, 2012

Fault Lake Tr

Sunday ride day and first ride with my new camera.  Fault Lake is a great little 6.5 mile climb.  Not super steep, but steady.  Throw in some sand and loose rocks and traction can be a bit of an issue.  Ditch your bike and hike the last .5 miles to a stunning emerald-colored lake surrounded by a huge rock cathedral.

 Although I've seen moose, deer and even a goat here...this time it was some fish and a small fuzzy friend.

 Did I mention my camera is waterproof?  Pic taken under water looking back.
If your shy, pack a set of swim trunks cause you are gonna wanna jump in after the climb up.  The water felt amazing!

Leave all that for a fun, attention requiring descent back to the road.

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