Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Sidehill Trail

Another Sunday, another beautiful day on the trails.  Sidehill was the mission.  This trails starts with a hell of a climb.  A climb made even more difficult by the loose and even steeper switchbacks.  Somehow, my mind always blocks out just what a good climb this is.
Once to the "top" you are rewarded with lots of rock, numerous creek crossings and some great trail.  Don't let the name fool ya though, there is some sidehill but still a lot more vert to be had.  It's a roller coaster.

 Attempting all the creek crossing can be a challenge.  On a hot day they are a great reward.

When the trail takes longer than expected, there is more climbing than you remembered, the shuttler is lost and it's just rather hot, riders can get annoyed.  Nothing some cold ones at Feist Creek didn't cure though

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