Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Deer Ridge Trail

More downhill fun!  Start with a creek crossing, then make a grueling climb up to the ridge on very narrow singletrack.

A climb made all the more challenging as motorcycles have once again tilled up the switchbacks.  Steep and loose make for a real challenge.  Scott if you are reading this...can you go kick off some of those rocks?!  I might have walked...
Make a pit stop at the lookout (you can rent this for the night by the way).

Once you leave the LO, it's a trek across the ridge and then a super sweet downhill to the valley.  Just don't take your eyes of the trail as there is a lot of exposure and the margin for error is very, very slim.  And that is why you will find some new, wider tread courtesy of the BFFS.  Once done, this whole downhill should be widened with better tread.  In the meantime, watch out for their machine parked in the middle of the trail.

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