Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Mission/Harvey Mtn Trail

This was almost a "gravity" weekend.  Not a lot of climbing and lots of super fun downhill.  First up, Mission/Harvey.  The views from Mission are always amazing.  Looking North you can see the International border and clear into Canada.  

Once you leave the peak, it some beautiful sidehill sections through wide open meadows.  Its hard to keep your eyes on the trail.
I little side trip will get you the the border.  The clearcut through the wilderness is an amazing sight.
Ahh, but so are the plethora of Huck bushes.  Yum!
The day was only hampered but the recent motorcycle activity on the trail.  The trail has been tilled up and there are many rocks (some the size of footballs) laying about the trail.  That combined with the rutted switchbacks were a bit disappointing.

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