Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ruby Ridge Trail

Damn I love these high alpine rides!  Especially when you start the ride at an already high elevation, Ruby Ridge.  I can hear you asking yourself "isn't that where those maniacs"...let me just cut you off and say "No, different Ruby Ridge."  Look one way and its views of Montana.  Look the other and its Idaho.  Peer North and its into Canada.

Trail starts a little overgrown, rugged and technical as you make your way across the ridge.  Watch out for the Moose hanging out in the brush!

You will be rewarded for your efforts as things start to open up with several meadow crossings.  Huck bushes are everywhere, but fruit was minimal.  Too late in the season for hucks, but the colors are starting to change which makes for some amazing scenery.

The best part of this tail is the few miles of sidehill that look like a special corridor was cut through the woods.  Bear grass abounds and tickles your legs as you fly down this very buff section.
The ride ends with a bone jarring, loose and technical downhill that will leave you smiling...and trying to unclinch your hands from the handlebars.  Where are the cold beers?

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