Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Buckhorn Ridge Trail

This is one bad ass trail!  Buckhorn Ridge is truly a North Idaho adventure ride and my favorite in those terms.  It is almost impossible to ride without it being "epic."  Not sure what that means?  Refer to my definition of epic.

Start with some friends and add in some amazing Fall colors and this adds up to one memorable day.

Found a few hucks still handing from the bushes.  But for the most part, colors were the best thing being produced by all the foliage.

You like sidehills?  I love em!  Exposure, technical rocks and views all pull at your concentration as you make your way across this massive opening.

Those sharp rocks along the way can sometimes do some damage to your sidewalls.  Be prepared with a dollar bill or a Park TB-2.  While they only cost a couple bucks at your LBS, do you know how much your buddy will pay for one trailside?  With disaster averted, we were back on our way.

Some of you might recognize this section of new tread in the middle of "nowhere."  I had the pleasure of helping build this with the BFFS 2 seasons ago.  It is wearing nice and alleviates what was a big hike-a-bike section.
Here is a little cooking spot along the trail that obviously has been there a long time.  Next time I'm packing some burgers...
Along the way of this ride you will drift back and forth between Idaho and Montana.  All this drifting before you reach the appropriately named "Line Point."  Be forewarned  there is a little (ha, ha) hike-a-bike to reach this point.  And not just a ordinary hike-a-bike, but that which requires a push up and then a haul down the other side.  The reward is great and makes it all worth it though in the end.  

Shadow and cold beers waiting at the end were a welcome sight.  That and the fact that our franken tire held until the last 1/4 mile to give its last breath...lucky!  Epic ride.  Great North Idaho adventure.

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