Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bussard Mountain Trail

First snow ride of the season.  Even with the snow the weather was great for a ride.  Bussard Mountain Trail, which the locals somehow pronounce as "buzzard," is the trail at hand.

 Took a little detour...unplanned...and hit an old mine camp.  Yes, it is for rent and very private.

nice fixer-upper
Quite a bit of 4 wheeler road riding to get to the sweet single track.  Once on track, it didn't last long as 7 motorcycles passed us in route to add some new ruts and kick up some nice boulders.  Fairly nice trail made more technical and rough by the recent motorized activity.

these modified switchbacks can leave ya disheveled
Once you get out in the open, there are some nice views of Bussard Lake.  More importantly, off in the distance is Fiest Creek Inn, the ultimate destination of the ride!

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