Saturday, October 6, 2012

Long Canyon Trail

Long Canyon seems to be on everyone list to ride this year.  It is on the proposed Wilderness Plan...although it was on the plan some 15 years ago also.  Anyhow, if adopted, this trail would be closed to motorized vehicles (and if ya aint educated on these things, bikes are considered "motorized" under the definition).

So, I grabbed a couple buddies and my shuttle bunny to make my run of it this year.  There is a lot of driving from Sandpoint to get to this trailhead, but it's always nice to start a trail at high elevation.  Don't be fooled by the high elevation start though, there is still some good elevation to be had with a great high-a-bike (great, not epic like say Buckhorn).

camera check...ahh, frost on the lens

Once you are over the ridge, this trail will throw a little bit of everything at ya: creek crossing, roots, rocks, steep descents, bridges, rock fields and some more hike-a-bike.
this is probably not the way to go...

something in the woods boys?
With all the traffic on the trail this year, there is no doubt some riders that may have bitten off a bit more than they can chew with this trail and those that tackle it that are capable but still a little out of their element.  Case in point, we met a fine dressed rider in his best kit (that's a whole other topic) that proclaimed as he passed us that, "I road ride.  I got the fitness."  Hmmm....
At the end, cold beers awaited.  Once refueled, we recounted the ride.  And with the addition of some matter how small...this was truly an "epic" ride!

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