Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Trail #120 Ride Report

Another high alpine ride, check.  Beautiful (but slightly smoke filled) views, check.  Amazing sidehill crossings that make it hard to stay focused on the trail, check.  Another epic ride, check.

Trail 120 is all that.  Start with a grunt of a climb to get you warmed up.  Oh, but wait, there were cars at the top of the ridge and a couple travel trailers.  It seems that the once "closed" road up the back side is now "open."  Whatever, driving to the top is for pansies.  We uphilled that shit.

and if you drove you'd miss the mine

"Must Like Rocks"

Porcupine Lake

Scotchman, oh and Jacob
Wicked downhill to the valley with a lot of overgrowth and obstacles that will keep you on your toes.  This is where we downhill that shit.  Great ride that would go a lot faster if it weren't for all the damn good views!


Eric said...

Awesome! Probably not much more fall riding like this. I really need to get up to Sandpoint more for stuff like this. Thanks for sharing.

B-Railleur said...

Yeah Eric, the mountains are getting whiter and whiter. The stuff down low is still awesome, just add a couple more layers. I'm excited to get the fat bike out though!