Tuesday, November 6, 2012

2012 Veteran's Day Ride

Veteran's Day is Sunday, let's go for a cruiser ride!!

Who:  Anyone with a bike
What:  Thought I covered this...ride bikes (drink barley grenades)
Where:  Meet at Greasy Fingers Bikes N Repair
When: Nov 11th @ 6pm
Why: (1) cause we are FREE and can, (2) pay a little homage to those that have served

We'll meet, cruise the Sagle Bike Path to the end (that's 14 miles RT so start training now if need be) and end at MickDuff's to refuel and tell wars stories once back in town.  For those of you needing some pre-ride tips, bring some lights and a helmet as there may be insurgence.

See you there!

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