Friday, November 9, 2012

Burning in Syringa

If you've been in Syringa lately, you might have noticed some brush piles burning.  No need to be alarmed.  However, when riding at night, your senses can be heightened...or something like that.  And hence, sights and sounds can be different than what they might be like in the daylight.

Case in point, riding up on the fires before seeing actually flames or coals I had no idea there was burning going on.  The night was dead quiet and then I started to hear a lot of cracking and popping in the woods and my thoughts jumped to some hungry animals waiting for me up the trail.  As I prepared for animal battle, I was disappointed to learn it was just burning brush piles making all that noise.  Got the blood going.

Another play on the senses occurred when I rode by the "one legged statue" that I have seen many times before.  At night this silhouette takes on a whole new look...creepy.

Luckily I had Shadow and found some barley pops to sooth the nerves.  Fun ride!

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