Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Fat Biking Hanna

On location at Hanna Flats up at Priest.  For those in the know, and by "know" I mean snowmachine heads, they love this area for the 400 miles of groomed trails.  Yes 400.  Well, as  I have already established, fat bikes love to gobble up miles, upon miles of groomed snowmobile trails.

 Not all the trails were freshly groomed and therefore rosy.  Still awesome to ride on, just a little more work and a little slower...but that could just be the motor on my fat bike.  They do have a grooming report for these trails, but they have not started to update in online yet.  Hopefully they will start soon, as it will be a must to check.

 Great day of riding!  Got Annie out for the first time, she loved it.  Ice cold barley hops waiting in the bed is always a treat.


Eric K. said...

Dave needs to talk Scott (down in Lewiston) into a fatbike soon! I need someone to ride with down here.

B-Railleur said...

Funny Eric, Dave and I just took Scott on a fat bike ride yesterday. He might be hooked. You know you are always welcome to come ride up here with us...or maybe we could meet somewhere in between.