Sunday, December 2, 2012

Global Fat Bike Day +1

OK, to be honest I didn't fat bike yesterday (although I did a loop through Syringa...if that counts), the Global Fat Bike Day.  The weather was, well shitty.  Not just shitty, but wet, rainy and darn right miserable to 5K'.  So, we here in the ID Panhandle celebrated Global Fat Bike Day +1 today.

Although conditions were not ideal, they were much better than yesterday.  To Schweitzer we headed.  The ride started rough as what was normally a groomed trail, was not.  We forged on.  10 min later we encountered an employee riding around on some sort of jacked up 4-wheeler with massive tracks.  A blessed sight as that slight pack in the snow was all we needed to forge on down the trail.

With a track set, riding was great.  Good ride, good friends and recap with barley pops at Pucci's...what could make a better Global Fat Bike Day?

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