Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hello? Anyone out there?

I assume this interweb thing is still working along with everything else in the world.  On this "day after" the End of the World, I'm trying to recount what I thought was my final hours.
where are the zombies? (real gas mask, NOT a real gun)
Several brave souls met at Loading Dock for our End of the World Ride.  Jeff hooked us up with some beers and then we were on our way to Larson's for some Coors minis and last minute supplies.  I shopped...charge it who cares I'll never see the bill.

The ride out to Laughing Dog was awesome, except for a few deep berms we had to carry out bikes through.  Sandpoint doesn't seem to understand that paths need to be cleared all the way to the roads and highways.

Anyhow, things at Laughing Dog were as promised.  Fred had some awesome beers he pulled from his private reserve and they were damn tasty.  We partied it up like it was 1999, Y2K and oh, the End of the World.

When I went to leave I thought it was weird Brittney gave me a bill for my beers...why would we have to pay for beers on the last day of the world?  I gave her my credit card.  Yeah, I got the last laugh cause I thought I'd never see that statement.

celebs in the house

yes, that dog house will fit a human

the brewmaster himself

Then this morning I woke up.  Yes, the sun rose and hit my blood shot eyes and nothing had changed.  We all survived the End of the World, although after all those 14 Dogs of the Apocalypse, I was kinda wishing otherwise.  And where is my credit card?

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