Saturday, December 15, 2012

Ride to the End of the World Details

The world is ending, let's ride!!

When: Last Day of the World (also known as Fri, Dec 21st @ 5:30pm)
Where: Loading Dock
Why: Stupid question...

So we will meet, then take a short cruise over to Larson's for Men's Night (free beer and last minute survival items) and then head out to Laughing Dog Brewing who happens to be having an End of Days Party.  Here we'll muse over bikes and the good times we've had riding them...all while sampling some damn good beer, award winning beer, and in this case some "special" beers just for the occasion.  What kinda of special beers? To quote the brewmaster himself, "2-3 different years of Dogfather Imperial stout, the regular 14 dogs Barley wine, a rare keg of St. Benny’s Barrel aged quad, and of course the 14 Dogs of the Apocalypse (an oak aged version of the 14 dogs)."

You should bring a light, your loved ones, helmet, gas mask, lock, zombie killers, etc.

And if you happen to wake up Saturday and the world hasn't ended, you will have had a good time nonetheless...although you might be wishing the world HAD actually ended depending on how many Dogfathers you consumed.

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