Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year, a New Fatty Opportunity

So, it is 2013.  A new year and yes, it is official, fat biking is now allowed at Schweitzer on the groomed XC trails.  I went and tried the process and rode my fatty and it went something like this.

Walked in, and there is a line of fatties begging for you to rent them and go hit the trails.  How much.  $15 for 1.5 hours. 

I got my own bike.  ALL riders whether renting or riding your own bike much check in at the Source before heading out on the trails.  The trail crew makes a determination each morning on trail conditions and whether they are conducive to fat bikes or not. 

Then, you must sign a little "protocol agreement" before you go out for the first time.  Check and check.     

Got my map and ticket, attach to bike and I'm off.
The loop was an awesome ride with lots of varying terrain.  Couple fun descents and some good climbs.  Cold temps have made for some excellent fat bike conditions.

As with most local trails, these are multi use.  Please respect other users and Schweitzer rules.  Stay to the outside of set classic ski track (pay attention as this could be on left or right side of groomed trail).  In other words, stay on the small section, normally 3-4 feet wide, of groomed trail.  Skate skiers don't like tire tracks, much like mountain bikers don't like motorcycle ruts.

see how there is no indentation left by my tire?  perfect!
 Trail is well marked.  The fat bike route is one way.  All intersections have an arrow and another sign saying "No Bikes."  Couldn't be easier to follow the loop.

This is one great asset for fat bikers.  Thank you Schweitzer Mountain.  Be an ambassador: ride, respect and more riding opportunities will abound.

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al lemire said...

I'll be checking it out today!