Friday, February 1, 2013

Fat Tire Imprint

I've been putting in several loops on the new Schweitzer Fat Bike Loop.  Of course there are always opportunities for great views and hence chances to snap pics of the awesome things you and your friends are doing.  It is easy to overlook the great job Schweitzer does grooming these trails and laying them out for multi-use.  Whether you are a fat biker, skate skier or classic slider, everyone likes a nicely groomed trail.

Speaking of groomed trails, people often ask "don't those fat bikes damage the trails?" or "doesn't the tire imprint effect the experience for other users?"...or some variation of these.  The answer is NO.  Of course, if conditions are soft or there is lots of new snow, there is a potential for anyone using the trails to leave an imprint.  But fat bikes have tire that are 4-5" wide and typical tire pressure is 5-7psi.  Hence, bikes and there riders are floating on top of snow because of the wide contact point and distribution of weight.
before a fat bike

...and after a fat bike.  Big difference?

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