Friday, February 15, 2013

Riding the Methow

Road trip!  This year Methow Valley is allowing fat bikes on the nordic trails.  Don't know about Methow?  It's only the largest groomed XC trail system in the states.  Here's a little article.

With bikes and gear packed, it's a short 4.5 hour drive...with a couple coffee stops.

Once there, we hit up Methow Cycle and Sport for the low down on where to ride.  Well, to be honest, the first thing we did was sample the Schoolhouse Brewery, but that's another story.  Anyhow, bike shop dudes were cool and told us we should ride Pearrygin Lake State Park as well as Methow System.  Thanks guys, it was an awesome rec!

The trails at the State Park are groomed with a snowmobile and trailer and are much like riding singletrack in the summer.  Trails are narrow and winding with much interest as they meander through the trees and over and around the rolling hills.  Sun was out and was an awesome afternoon of riding.  Snow conditions couldn't have been better.

Once done with the trails, we hit up the frozen lake for some sprints and wheelies.  Here are some pics from that day...

that's a sweet ride!

little hike-a-bike

always stay hydrated when riding friends...
 Next day we rode the Methow System and it was a different experience then the day before.  Trails were great, but much wider and linear.  I'm talking up to 12' wide in areas with a 8-9' groomed skate area in the middle and a classic track on both sides.  These trails get a lot of use by skiers and all (except the one skater whose tights were obviously cutting off the blood to the reasoning side of her brain) met us with ahh and excitement to see the bikes.  Another good ride.

Great weekend of riding.  Can't wait to go back and explore this vast area more!

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