Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"Regular" Mtn Bikes Need not Apply

Every year about this time, I start doing rides at Round Lake.  It's one of the first places to melt off and great for some early season mountain biking.  There is a great little network of trails on the West side, I good climb and viewpoint on the back side and cool bridges to the East.  This area isn't very big, but terrain is varied and interesting.  Nothing seems to beat those first few rides when you are back on the dirt.

It's always a crap shoot the first time I go for the season as there can be snow and ice patches, flooding and mud.  Typically this involves carrying my bike and getting wet and muddy shoes.

looks like Shadow sunk in more than my tires
In comes the fat bike, this mountain bike with fat tires allows me to stay on top of the melting snow and ice patches that would not be rideable on my "regular" mountain bike.  Another cool thing, the wider tires do not sink in the mud, the flotation allows them to stay on top and hence no damage to soggy trails.

This particular day, there happened to also be some overflowing creeks making for crossings that were close to 18" deep.  Yes, my hubs and bottom bracket were submerged, but I kept peddling and somehow the bike always made it to the other side!

Good riding.  Good sunshine.  Good views.  Good dog.  And even good water and mud.

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