Sunday, March 31, 2013

White Bunnies?

So, I was riding Syrinda the other day.  Which reminds me, it is open.  Couple mud holes in the usual areas.  Couple down trees.  Couple snow patches.  But you are on dirt riding your mountain bike so suck it up.  Anyhow, I was riding and it was starting to get dark.  This happens a lot as I get to having so much fun that I lose track of time.  So, I'm riding along and I see a nice little white bunny sitting in the trail.  He sees me and takes off up the trail, and then I see him bolt off the downhill side.  I think to myself, "that was cool.  A white bunny the night before Easter."

I ride another 5 minutes and here is another white bunny.  He sees me and runs to the uphill side of the trail.  Note, they ran in different directions, so not same bunnies.  Now at this point I'm starting to think I might be hallucinating or something.  Two white bunnies, and the night before Easter?  I keep riding and just tell myself I'm luck and was in the right place at the right time.  A few minutes later a third white bunny crosses the trail and I'm really starting to wonder what the hell.  There are snow patches.  Maybe I'm seeing snow?  But these are moving.  No doubt these were 3 different white bunnies, and the night before Easter.

I guess I was lucky, but then I recall my experiment with moonshine with my good buddy the night before...

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