Monday, May 20, 2013

Bernard Peak is...

A few weeks back, I attempted to summit Bernard.  I succeeded, but there were challenges.  Namely 20+ trees.  That is typical for this time of year up there.  The powers that be always seem to be a little slow in getting trees cleared.  Often times, the trail is cleared by trail users.  I assume the trees are still there today.

The second obstacle was snow...and quite a bit of it.  It was a hike, then ride, then hike, then hurdle your bike over a tree type of day.  I will say that all the snow on the trail is gone today.

There was also a mechanical.  Oh, and then there was blood.  And then another mechanical.  Although, not really "another" mechanical, as the second one was related to the first.  Whatever.  It was a fun day.


Anonymous said...

Yesterday a group of us from CDA cleared evrything but one big one near the bottom and a big mess about halfway up.

B-Railer said...

Awesome. Thanks for the update...more importantly, thanks for all the hard work.