Friday, May 31, 2013

Pend Oreille ORV

This time of year is a good time to travel a little West for some open trails.  While we sit here and wait for the snow and ice to melt of our high alpine trails, a couple hours West and/or South will get you to trails already primed and in awesome shape.  Many trails have also already been cut out.

Case in point, Pend Oreille ORV by Ione.  Been riding here for last 3-4 years.  Trees are often taken care of by those other 2 wheeled riders.  Snow melts off sooner than here.  There are some big trail loops.  Terrain is some of my favorite as it is quick to get up to high elevations.  You will find lots of rocks, several creek crossings, many small lakes and few other people on the trails themselves (most seem to all stay lower).  Get a map.  Not the ORV map.  A real map (ie the Colville FS map).

While there are some tamer trails, for the most part the riding here is technical.  Long climbs, with short steep pitches are normal.  Dowhills are equally as fun.  Did I mention there are rocks?  You know I love rocks.  Remember you are literally out in the middle of nowhere though, with no real town in sight.  Plan accordingly, don't just take your girlfriend riding here for her first time.

Pretty, huh?  One of these rides with capped off with some elk steaks on the bbq and a few hop sodas.  Damn, doesn't get much better.  Ride ur bike.

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