Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Brush Lake Ride Recap of Sorts...

I've told you all before about the new (couple years old now) trail at Brush Lake and how fun it is to ride.  Lots of options and fun features to fill your afternoon.  Not really a destination ride as is a bit of a drive for the ride, but if you are in the area definitely worth it.  That was then.

This is now.  POP and the BFFS put in a new connector trail that comes in just under a mile.  By my calculations, which I don't claim to be super accurate, that makes almost 13 miles of riding doing all the trails both directions.  And yes, I do recommend riding both directions as these trails lend a very different character depending on your direction of travel.  So why not?

The new trail is not quite buffed out yet.  It's a little rough, but totally rideable and lots of fun.  Lots and lots of big rocks to ride on and over.

Rocks you say?  Yup, those sharp, poky, rough ones that like to eat sidewalls.  Second ride on this tire.  I don't like to give product reviews.  And typically I never put anything on my bike that says "race" on it.  This tire was free, so I thought why not.  Oh well, it led to early beers...

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