Tuesday, August 20, 2013

American Falls Ride Recap

The American Falls Trail is in awesome shape, maybe the best I have ever seen.  This trail is bad ass.  And the Falls at the end aren't bad either.  It's kinda a long day if you factor in a 2 hour drive from Sandpoint, but trust me worth it.
You'll see old growth, a dense canopy cover, a waterfall (duh), tall ferns, moss, many bridges, many, many rocks, a river, a couple creek crossings and maybe a snake.

just a couple down trees

In summary, go grabs some buds and a cooler with some beers and go hit this trail this weekend.  I'm not kidding, send them a sext, email or go old school and call them now to make plans.
Shadow found out her buddy Frank at Nordman had recently gotten hit by a car.  In her typical fashion she got over it quick when some ladies wanted to scratch her belly...oh a dogs life.

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