Monday, August 26, 2013

Trapper Creek Ride Recap

OK, so let me bring you up to speed here.  The Trapper Creek Trail got hit with a major wind event 3 winters ago.  Lots of trees down and the trail was impassible.  Then the next winter, more trees got dumped on it.  This is a remote trail and on State land, hence it didn't get cleared.  I was sad.  Miraculously, after 2 and a half seasons of not being able to ride this trail, it is once again clear!  That is all the detail I will give you.

Now Trapper Creek is on my list of the top 5 trails to ride in our area.  Really?!  Really.  Maybe I will do a post someday and tell you about that list or maybe not as I don't like to divulge too much personal information.  Let's just say Trapper is a great trail with a good variety of terrain and scenery.  It is challenging but rideable.  It is beautiful.  It takes you through some very old growth that seems like a rainforest.  Are you interested yet?

nice creek crossing

Trapper Creek has not been quite restored, we were off our bike half a dozen times for trees that went down right along the trail and their massive root balls left little area for a re-route.  These were all along the lakeside section of the trail below the campground.  No biggie.
 I know last week I told you to grab some friends and go ride American Falls.  Well I hope you did, cause now I'm gonna tell you that you should go ride Trapper Creek.  This trail is part of the Priest Lake Challenge.  Oh, did I mention that that will be happening again this year...
beards are good for catching stuff...

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