Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Bussard Mtn Trail/Sidehill Trail Ride Report

Going to camp out by the Moyie for the weekend and ride some of my favorite areas for the holiday weekend, excited?  Yes.

First up, little ride/push up Bussard Mtn Trail.  Stupid start.  Not a recommended direction.  Still got some killer views.  Sweated out some of the previous night's festivities.
Once we intersected Sidehill, we headed North for our big loop.  First time in about 10 rides I've gone this direction.  South is better.  Trail is in great shape though and still some water in many of the creek crossings.  Even found some hucks.

No matter what it was still fun and good peeps to ride with...oh speaking of them.  There aren't a lot of pics cause I was too busy trying to catch my breath and keep pace...neither happened.

ummm...not sure what is happening here

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