Thursday, September 19, 2013

Kalispell-Reeder Bay & Woodrat Trail

So, couple things.  Pictures have been kinda sucking lately.  Quality not quite to my subpar form.  I asked an expert.  He recommended doing a good cleaning of my camera lense.  Damn, he is good...and right.  Anyways, these here shots are the last of the pics before said cleaning and better sub par pics in the future.

These trails are in great shape, only 2 trees down between the 2 rides.  Kalispell-Reeder Bay has one of my favorite sections of trail all time.  Well placed, challenging rocks make for a really fun ride.  There is a route through all of them rocks.  Mix in some climbs and it is short but sweet ride.  Or continue on down road to Woodrat for longer ride.

Now I've always liked and ridden Woodrat even though it has been used by motorcycle extensively.  I don't really pay that much mind, as their destruction just adds another challenge and uniqueness not found on non-motorized trails.  In the end it is all just riding and that is good.  However, there are some new sign on the trail this year.  Hellz ya!  I would say trail is already in better condition than I have seen in the past.
Expect a good amount of climbing, couple sweet viewing areas and many intersections.  Yes, you can get lost.  Yes, you should pay attention.
One last thing, I am starting my own movement to rename this trail to Hood Rat.  That is how I will refer to it from now on.  If you don't know why, don't just sit there scratching your head.  Go ride.

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