Monday, September 9, 2013

Lakeshore/Plowboy Mtn Trails Report

You all know I love riding at Priest.  Lakeshore Trail is one of the good ones.  It now features some new bridges, many address old mud pits and wet areas that never seemed to go away.  Very nice additions.
However, there are a few down trees.  And there are still some very muddy areas.  Even with all the warm weather and it being the end of summer, they are still there.  The water just leaches out of the side of the hill.  Not a big deal though and definitely not a deterrent.

A little selfie before the the shitty up and over.  Major wind event caused lots of blow downs..often in piles...making this ride even less awesome.

The views at the top are great.  I'll give ya that.  The old lookout foundation is cool.  I'll give ya that.  But it still does not make this trail worth the ride/push up and the switchbacks on the downhill are less than conducive for a flowing downhill.  I've ridden this trail both ways now.  Both ways suck.  All in all, I would say don't ride this trail.  I hesitate to even mention this trail, as for every trail I write and tell you about there is another that I have pushed/hiked/cussed/ridden and NOT ever written anything about.  These trails don't even belong on any list associated with bikes.  You're welcome for me saving you time.  Now go ride.

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