Monday, September 30, 2013

My Pack...My Way

OK, since writing about forgetting my pack and how important it is to me, I have gotten a lot of questions.  Like, "What's in your pack?" Or, "I've done stupid shit like that too...blah, blah."  Actually, I don't really remember the exact questions.  Now, I normally consider my pack somewhat sacred and haven't really felt the need to share details.  However, the people have spoken and I'm here to try and help.

First, this is my pack and packed my way.  It has evolved over time as I encounter issues and feel I should have had such and such.  Or just think of something new.  I see other riders pack way less and other riders that pack way more.  I have been fortunate enough that I have not had to use many of the items in my pack.  However, I have used many of them to help out fellow riders.  This is not the BIBLE of packing, merely my way.  Got that?  Good.

My pack is heavy, that is what happens when you load it up.  My pack always goes with me regardless of where I am going to ride or how long the ride may be.  Very few of the contents change.  It is always filled with 3 liters of water.
So, here is what it looks like with my pack emptied...except for water bladder.  I usually carry a map and/or gps.  I always carry a camera.  I usually carry a light jacket.  Individual bag contents below...
Food bag...not really Crown Royal.  Variety is key for me, so I carry a lot of different items to cater to my cravings.  I always have M&Ms.
Bike First Aid Bag.  In case you need glasses: 2 CO2 cartridges, bottle of Stan's, multi-tool, hanger, valve core tool, duck tape, patch kit, tire boot, tire levers, tube, batteries, emergency spoke and a bag of odds and ends (chainring bolts, cleat bolts, cleat, master links, nipples,4-6mm bolts).
Human First Aid Bag.  Again for the vision impaired: scissors, TP, tender, fire starter, fishing line, hooks, wire, whistle, tape, emergency bivvy, Hot Hands, Mag Light, anti bac wipes, nylon string, zip ties (maybe should be in Bike First Aid), Ace wrap and bag of odds and ends (Motrin, assorted band aids, gauze, alcohol, blade, Imodium A-D and Benadryl).
That's it.  I guess sharing wasn't so hard.  Ride, have fun and be prepared...or don't it's up to you.


Steve-O said...

Thanks for sharing, Brian. I saw some things that I like to bring with me, and some good ideas for stuff I should bring (or maybe I should ride with you more often?!).
Oh, what is an emergency spoke? I have not heard of that before.


B-Railer said...

Hey Steve, thanks for reading! It is basically a Kevlar cord. If a spoke breaks on your drive side, no need to remove your cassette to use. Of course with most mountain bikes that have disc brakes, a broken spoke might not be an issue to finish your ride...depending on how bad it is and the affect on your rim. I've only had to use one once, but I was amazed at how easy and great it worked. Here is a link to read more...!instructions